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Company: About Us


Why the name Hippie Mulch?


Did you know that the do-it-yourself home improvement movement really
took off in the 1970’s? Hippie Mulch products offer fun and cost-saving
ways to landscape on your own, rather than relying on “the man” to satisfy
your needs. Don’t conform… it’s hip to do it yourself!

We also wanted a name that would help describe an environmentally
friendly aspect of our products that actually helps to save trees. New mulch
involves cutting down trees and burning diesel fuel during the grinding and
transportation process. By touching up the color and preserving your
mulch, you postpone the addition of new mulch.


Who makes Hippie Mulch products?

We do. We are the manufacturer, not a reseller or a company that simply bottles someone else’s mulch colorant. With over 25 years in the color business, we make it, we control the quality, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Quality Control

With over 25 years of solid service as a well-respected and well-known pigment company, we are able to help you brighten up your yard. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is not only here to answer your questions, but to fulfill whatever color needs you may have. Quality products, along with the experience and customer service you are looking for, make Prism Corporation’s Hippie Mulch products the right choice.

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State of the art digital technology.   Automated batch technology.   Accuracy to the 100th gram.


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