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"My wife and I were very impressed with the Hippie Mulch Glue that we purchased. I applied it and it stayed for quite some time even
through some of the rain storms we have had. It kept the mulch in place much longer than normal and improved the whole look of our
landscaping. We both were very pleased with everything about this product. It really does work and we are going to continue to use it!
So glad we found out about Hippie Mulch Glue!"



"I work as a building and grounds supervisor so I’ve used several landscaping products, but I’ve never seen anything like Hippie Mulch
Glue. Recently, a 40 mph storm came through. The wind was so bad it crushed the rose bushes and blew petals all over the grass but
the mulch didn’t move a bit! I finally found the answer to my age old problem!"

-David, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor at The Church of St, Rita's


“My mulch in the front used to be constantly disturbed by wind and rain. I’d just get it swept back up and then it would be all over again. 
The application was easy and dried quickly to a clear finish.  Not only does the mulch stay in place, it actually has a slight shine to it,
making it look like it was new mulch.”



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