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What is Hippie Mulch Color? Hippie Mulch Color is a simple, do-it-yourself way to rejuvenate the look of your faded wood mulch or pine straw. This awesome, spray-on color will save you from buying new mulch year after year, by making your mulch look new again.

We developed a fab colorant that clings to the base wood fibers for a rich color that lasts 1 year or longer and is totally safe for children, pets, plants, and the environment.


What makes Hippie Mulch Color special? Hippie Mulch Color was formulated specifically for the on-site spray-on mulch application. It’s unique combination of earth friendly pigments and binders allow it to penetrate old, dusty/faded mulch, and provide rich coverage. Also, once the color has dried, Hippie Mulch Color is designed for superior adhesion and color fastness.


Is Hippie Mulch Color safe? Yes. Once Hippie Mulch Color is sprayed on your garden mulch or landscaping mulch and has dried, it is completely safe for kids, pets, plants, and the environment.


How long will Hippie Mulch Color hold its color? Hippie Mulch Color typically holds its color for more than a full year, although weather conditions and integrity of the wood itself can affect longevity. Once dried, it won’t rub off if your children or pets decide to play in it.


How does Hippie Mulch Color compare to other spray-on mulch colorants? We strongly believe that we have the best product of its kind out there. Being in the pigment business for over 25 years, we know color. Hippie Mulch Color is accurate to the 100th of the gram so you won’t get any funky results. Hippie Mulch Color also lasts longer than our competitors and is by far the best value, we guarantee it.


Is Hippie Mulch Color expensive? No. In fact, Hippie Mulch Color could save you hundreds of dollars every year when compared to replacing faded mulch.


Is Hippie Mulch Color messy? When used correctly, Hippie Mulch Color is neat and easy to use. Just make sure you read all the instructions and helpful hints before use, like pre-spraying sidewalks with water. It’s so easy, anyone can do it!


How much Hippie Mulch Color do I need? Mini (4 oz. bottle) covers 150-350 sq. ft. Hipster (6 oz. jar) covers 200-500 sq. ft. Fab Four Pack (4, 6 oz. jars) covers 1,000-2,000 sq. ft. The King (1 gal. bottle) covers 5,000- 10,000 sq. ft.

Exact coverage depends on existing level of color and condition of the mulch.

How fast will Hippie Mulch Color dry? Hippie Mulch Color usually dries in just a few hours, however cold or moist conditions will extend dry time.


What happens if I get color on my skin or clothes? Soap and water will take the color off skin. Stains on clothing can be hard to get out once dried, so wear older clothes.


What if I spray the sidewalk, side of the house or other unwanted objects by accident? If accidental over-spray of Hippie Mulch Color occurs, wash immediately with water or soap and water if necessary. To prevent over-spray, use a large piece of cardboard or wood as a barrier. Also, pre-wet at-risk items and rinse off with water before it has a chance to dry and set.


How can I prevent Hippie Mulch Color from getting on my plants? When the spray nozzle is held close to the garden mulch or landscape mulch, Hippie Mulch Color coverage can be quite accurate. You can also use a piece of cardboard as a barrier or pre-wet the plants with water and rinse off carefully when done.


What if I am not satisfied with Hippie Mulch Color? We know you’ll think Hippie Mulch Color is “hip,” and we guarantee it. If you don’t think our product is totally cool for whatever reason, just send back the unused portion within 30 days and we will refund the full purchase price. No hassles and no possibility of a bummer experience on this one! Contact us via phone (1.651.488.4250) or our contact forum page.



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