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Where can I use Hippie Mulch Glue? Hippie Mulch Glue can be used to secure mulch, pine straw, pebbles, gravel, sand, and dirt. It is ideal for areas such as slopes, around trees, pathways, borders, driveways, planting beds, and windy areas.


Is Hippie Mulch Glue Safe? Yes. Once Hippie Mulch Glue is sprayed on your mulch and has dried, it is completely safe for kids, pets, plants, and the environment.


How long will Hippie Mulch Glue last? Hippie Mulch Glue typically holds mulch in place for more than a full season, although weather conditions and integrity of the wood itself can affect longevity.


How does Hippie Mulch Glue compare to other spray-on mulch adhesives? We strongly believe that we have the best quality product of its kind. Hippie Mulch Glue creates a firm bond to mulch and preserves it for months. Our special even-spraying formula makes Hippie Mulch Glue by far the best value, we guarantee it.


Is Hippie Mulch Glue expensive? No. In fact, Hippie Mulch Glue can save you tons of money every year, when compared to replacing lost mulch.


Is Hippie Mulch Glue messy? No. Especially since Hippie Mulch Glue dries clear, it won’t show if you spray outside the intended area. And because of its ready-to-use formula, all you have to do it pour in and spray!


How much Hippie Mulch Glue do I need? Squeeze (32 oz. bottle) cover 10 - 60 sqft. The King (1 gal. bottle) covers 50-250 sqft. Monster (2.5 gal. bottle) covers 125-625 sqft. Exact coverage depends on how demanding the area is and how thick the glue is applied.


How fast will Hippie Mulch Glue dry? The time required for Hippie Mulch Glue to dry is weather dependent, so it is recommended to allow it to dry overnight. Full curing will occur after a few days.


What happens if I get glue on my skin or clothes? If you get Hippie Mulch Glue on your skin or clothes, just wash it off with soap and water. It’s just like if you were to get regular glue on you and does not pose a risk to your health. Since it takes a little while to dry, you should have plenty of time to clean it off anyway.


What if I spray the sidewalk, side of the house or other unwanted objects by accident? Hippie Mulch Glue dries clear, so it really isn’t an issue if you spray it on other areas. If you’d like, just rinse it off with water before it dries.


What if I am not satisfied with Hippie Mulch Glue? We know you’ll think Hippie Mulch Glue is “hip”, and we guarantee it. If you don’t think our product is totally cool for whatever reason, just send back the unused portion within 30 days, and we will refund the full purchase price. No hassles and no possibility of a bummer experience on this one! Contact us via phone (1.651.488.4250) or our contact forum page.


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