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Real Testimonials!


"Our landscaping business does a lot of work with realtors as they prepare properties for sale. We recently used the Hippie Mulch Grass Color on a client's lawn, and it turned out fantastic. The color was a very natural-looking grass color and the homeowner and realtor were both tickled pink with the results. As a matter of fact, the house sold very soon after the lawn was colored."

-Bob, Vice President at TLC Total Lawn Care, Inc.

"We have a dog, which means we have some ugly spots in our yard. Using this product, our grass went from brown and drab to green and vibrant! It was easy to apply, blends in naturally and makes a huge difference in the overall look of our yard."


"Here in Arizona we need to cut back on our water usage, so I tried Hippie Mulch Grass Color to green up our lawn. I was totally impressed with the results. The color sprayed on evenly without clogging the sprayer, and the green color it produced was a very natural looking green grass color. My neighbors seem to really like the color too, which is great."


"This year was exceptionally dry, but using Hippie Mulch Grass Color, I got the look of a lawn that would have otherwise cost me hundreds of dollars in water and hours of work! The best part is the color looks natural on the grass and doesn't seem fake at all. Even if you walk up to it, it doesn't look like I sprayed anything on it... it just looks like green grass. I like that it's non-toxic and saved me time/money. I'll definitely remember this for next summer!"


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