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What is Hippie Mulch Grass Color?

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Hippie Mulch Grass Color:

A simple, do-it-yourself product to get your grass green, instantly!

This awesome, spray-on color will save you from over- watering and seeding your lawn to get a healthy, lush look. We tested and tested until we found the perfect grassy- green color, and developed a long-lasting formula that's even safe for children, pets, plants, and the environment. It's perfect for staging your home to sell, before you entertain, or just because you hate brown spots! 

SAVE TIME The dog made another spot on the lawn again.... awesome... Don't spend time watering, seeding, and waiting for the grass to grow back- just spray it! Hippie Mulch Grass Color allows you to fix that problem area instantly!


  • SAVE MONEY Keeping a lush lawn costs a lot of dough!
  • Whether it's the water bills, buying seed, or installing a sprinkler system... 
  • Whatever your maintenance method, it's bound to be expensive! 
  • Instead, use Hippie Mulch Grass Color no one will ever know that green beauty barely cost you a thing!                

SAVE WATER Hippies love all things 'green', and lawns are one of them! But at what cost? Using loads of water for a green lawn is just not cool, man! But now you don't have to compromise! You can have a green lawn, AND do it in an environmentally-friendly way!

We manufacture the product here locally, and any potential distributors are welcome to contact us and ask for a free trial!! We also offer promotional code discounts for those of YOU willing to call in directly to our Hippie Products Hotline 1.877.896.1863 or via email - Hippiemulch@gmail.com.  

100% Bummer Free Guarantee for customers who are unsatisfied


50% Off Promotional Code: "GRASSPROMO2015"

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50% Off Promotional Code: "GRASSPROMO2015"

Any questions or concerns with the code or PRODUCT PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to us. Let Hippie Mulch help YOU! 


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